Great Ways To Create Memories Of Your Pets

Sometimes, we want to keep our pets with us always and acknowledge the special place they hold in our lives. Whether your pet is still a part of your family or has already crossed over the rainbow bridge, there are many ways you can create lasting memories and honour them.

Here are some of the best ways to create memories with your pets.

Create Great Memories

Pets are a beloved part of your family, so make sure you include them in your family occasions. They are a huge part of your life, so make sure you have plenty of ways to remember how they made you feel when you look back on your time together. Get them in the Christmas photos, take your pup out for the day with you, snuggle with your cat on the couch - involve them in your family life. If you don’t take the opportunity now, you might end up with regrets at the end.

Remember Them With...

Pet Portraits

What better way to immortalise your pet than with a beautiful portrait. There are many talented artists out there who can create a piece of art that captures your animal’s unique character. Then, you will be able to see their loving face every time you walk by the portrait.

Living Memorial

Many people choose to remember their pet by planting a tree or flowerbed in their honour. For dogs and cats, you can even repurpose their food and water dishes into mini planters. Choose a plant that makes you smile and conjures memories of your pet.


Chances are your phone has more photos of your pet than of any other family member! Get those snaps turned into a beautiful photo book where you can relive those precious memories at any time. This is a lovely thing to do while your pet is still with you to make sure you record all your special moments with them. Add some captions and some stories and these would make a great gift too.


As well as being animal lovers, New Zealander’s are also rather fond of their tattoos! Keep your pet with you forever by getting inked. You can go for a realistic portrait, or simply choose something that represents their character.


There are so many options here! Choose a photo or portrait of your pet to turn into a pendant or earrings, or get their names engraved on a ring or anklet - the choice is yours. After the death of a pet, some people choose to turn their collar or leash into jewellery. You can even turn their ashes into a gem to wear close to your heart.

Plaster Pawprint

Get an imprint of your pet’s paw/foot/hoof imprinted into plaster as a special reminder of them. You can buy these kits from craft stores almost anywhere. It is a cheap and easy project to do and makes for a treasured memento. You could even take one imprint when they are small and one when they are fully grown to remember that they grow up just like humans!

Give Back

One of the most healing ways you can honour the memory of your four-legged family member (or winged or scaled) is by making a donation in their name to an organisation that helps animals. Consider sponsoring an animal or buying some much-needed supplies for a shelter - like food, toys, or blankets.

Pets are pretty special. They always capture a piece of our hearts, long after they have crossed over the rainbow bridge. So, make the most of the time you have with them now. Create some amazing memories so that you can cherish them when your pet has gone.

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Enjoy making precious memories now to cherish when they are gone.